NCOA Executive Director's Insights

November 2, 2021

I hope everyone is doing well as we move into fall and the Holiday season! I’d like to share a few insights with you and ask your support in helping us accomplish our goals.

NCOA WWII War and Remembrance Medallion Recognition Program: A shoutout to Chapters and Individuals that are steadily presenting our WWII Veteran Medallions to Veterans and/or their family members. Pictures are being posted on our Facebook, Instagram, and website. There are plenty of the Medallions remaining. I encourage you to keep sharing the information about the program with your friends and other Military/Veteran Service Organizations, Veteran Retirement Homes etc. Thank you for your continued support of this very worthy program. .

Membership: Have you signed up a New Member yet? Continue to support our 2021/22 Membership Campaign by recruiting at least 1 new member in any category as we strive to reach our 1,200 new member goal by the 2022 Conference. Incentives for this program have been sent to chapter leadership via email and the information is posted on the website and Facebook pages. We need everyone to continue to do their part by signing up at least one new member and sharing the information about the program with others.

Member Benefits: Are there any Member Benefits you would like to see us pursue? Take a moment and visit our website to review your benefits. We have a good variety of benefits that many of you may not be aware of. Share with other members and with those you are seeking to sign up.

DeVry Scholarships: Speaking of benefits, we are in the process of finalizing a project with DeVry University. We will have (4) $2500 Scholarships that can be used towards an IT Degree Certificate Program. It will be open to all NCOA Members and or family member of a NCOA Member. More information to come.

Chapter Startup Liaisons: We are also seeking members who would like to be Liaisons to help us start chapters in those areas where we currently do not have a chapter presence. It only takes 5 Paid members to start a chapter, and, with today's technology, it is not necessary to always meet in the traditional face-to-face manner. We have information we can send you both electronically and hard copy and are here to assist in any way we can. If you or anyone you know is interested, let us know and we will provide more details.

Chapters in Action: Tell us what you are doing and share with other chapters. Send in pictures with captions to let us know what you are doing in your communities. Also share on your chapter and our Facebook pages and your website. We need to continue telling others who we are and what we are doing. Share information with the newest chapters regarding activities and fundraisers you are involved in. The Chapter Locations roster is posted on the website .

NCOA Website, NCOA USA Facebook, and NCOA Member Group Page: We are continuing to update our website and ask you to share our NCOA Group Facebook Page (NCOA-Strength in Unity). Please encourage your members to join the Group Page. We set it up so we can have an open forum to exchange issues and ideas. It is for paid members of the Association only. We ask that everyone is courteous and make constructive comments on the page. In addition, please visit, like, tag others, and share our public Facebook page - NCOA USA.

2022 NCOA Conference: Save the date, July 19-22 is locked in for the 2022 Conference. It will be held in San Antonio. More information will be announced in the coming months.

In closing, there is plenty to do whether you are near a chapter or not. Take another look at supporting the topics above and review the strategic plan. We need Volunteers to serve on the committees. We asking everyone to get involved. "Strength in Unity"

Joseph Terry
Executive Director