1. Criteria: To be awarded to the most outstanding Enlisted (E1 — E9) Cadet(s) in the Unit during the past academic block/year. The award must be made to the Enlisted Cadet(s) who has/have consistently exhibited the best military bearing, personal appearance, deportment and leadership ability. Multiple awards can be given to outstanding Cadets in a Unit as determined by the Selection Board.
2. Award: The award consists of a certificate, presentation folder, bar ribbon and drape with medal.
3. Selection: Candidates for this award should be selected by a board composed of the Unit’s Instructors and the Unit’s Cadet Officers.
4. Sponsorship: A local NCOA Chapter and/or Auxiliary may, if possible, sponsor the award. If a sponsor is not available, the award may be purchased by the Unit or the School from the Award Program Coordinator. School JROTC instructors are reminded that, while an award may be authorized, the ability of a chapter/auxiliary to support them is not guaranteed and the Unit or School may have to purchase it. All inquiries regarding the Award Program, Chapters and Auxiliaries should be addressed to the Award Program Coordinator and not to the NCOA International Headquarters.
5. Medals/Certificates: The award packages will be mailed using Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation by the Program Coordinator to the Unit’s Instructors or to the NCOA Chapter or Auxiliary.
6. General: The Cadet’s Enlisted rank that the individual held when they earned the award must be shown on the award certificate. Also, the Cadet(s) name(s) and rank(s) should be furnished in writing to the sponsor or the Award Program Coordinator. The certificate will be sent blank. A Microsoft Word Template to engross the certificate is provided here. At the Unit’s convenience, we request a picture of the presentation, with the participants identified, be provided to us after the ceremony. The picture will be used for the Award Program archives and for possible publication in the NCOA Journal.
7. Program Staff: The NCOA JROTC Award program is staffed by Volunteers from the Central Valley Chapter #1551 NCOA and other Volunteers.
8. Award Coordinator: NCOA JROTC Award Program Coordinator

Central Valley Chapter #1551, NCOA
3408 Grant Park Drive
Carmichael, CA 95608
Telephone: (916) 944-1732 (No recording)
Fax: (916) 944-3013
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